Forget seasons on Mars; alien enthusiasts find something else [Video]

NASA recently revealed its Mars rover Curiosity has completed two full Martian years – nearly four Earth years – on the Red Planet. While this is definitely a great achievement, alien enthusiasts continue to claim that NASA and the US government are hiding a lot more than being revealed.

NASA revealed in an update on its Curiosity rover mission that Curiosity has delivered ample of data on various aspects of the planet and how temperature, pressure, ultraviolet light reaching the surface and the scant water vapor in the air at Gale Crater show strong, repeated seasonal changes.

The four Earth years Curiosity has been up there on Mars have been tremendous as far as discoveries have been concerned and it is these scientific measurements including monitoring of modern atmosphere, weather and climate that fulfills a Curiosity mission goal supplementing the better-known investigations of conditions billions of years ago.

NASA scientists believe that billions of years ago, Gale Crater would have been a location that had lakes and groundwater – possibly home to microbial life if any – and while the current climatic conditions are far more inhospitable, environmental factors are still dynamic and scientists still have a lot to learn through the current missions as well as future missions.

But, there are those who believe that beyond the scientific research, there is a lot more that’s going on out there and that NASA and US Government have found things that point directly at existence of alien life, but they are not revealing it to us. One such instance cropped up when a YouTuber known for his ‘discoveries’ [pun intended] claims that he has found habitat on Mars that resembles an igloo on Earth.

The particular ‘discover’ was made by Streecap1 of YouTube who claims that he spotted an igloo like structure on one of the images taken by Mars rover Opportunity. The structure is particularly black and is said to have an entrance that is not clearly visible because of the color of the structure. Lending a little support to this alleged discovery is UFOSightingsDaily’s Scott Waring, who in his 2 cent’s worth of opinion, claims that the structure is relatively new. Also, the location of the Martian igloo, Waring says, is surprising for it is located in a place that is full of shattered rocks and only this particular structure is unscathed. Checkout the video below:

We have a neutral stand on such ‘discoveries’ and while we intend to bring forth scientific fact-based discoveries to the fore, this particular story is part of our Monday coverage through which we intend to lighten up the first working day of your week. Remember – grain of salt!