Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with 10-speed transmission revealed

The iconic ZL1 has been reformulated for the sixth-generation Camaro and was assembled to challenge the most superior sports vehicle in the world – the Ford’s new Mustang. An advanced, driver-focused cockpit ensures that the driver acquires the type of exemplary performance from the supercharged 6.2L LT4 engine and obtainable 10-speed automatic transmission. ZL1 is a sports coupe designed to lead among other rivals in the industry.

Remarkably, ZL1 is the first product introduced by GM to offer the new 10-speed automatic transmission. This gearbox has a 7.39 overall ratio spread, and Chevrolet stated that smaller ratio gaps were placed between gears as this will help in optimizing gear selection for acceleration as well as when exiting corners. The 10-speed’s quick, crisp shifts are impressive. It intensifies acceleration off the line with an aggressive 4.70 first gear.

On the other hand, the gear ratios are tightly spaced. This will help to ensure that the transmission is in the appropriate gear, as what automatic transmission does, and the engine is at the best ideal rpm for shifting from corners to straights. And with the power from the ZL1’s supercharged LT4 engine, an unremarkable force will be emitted when the acceleration of the engine transpire.

The ZL1 weighs 200 pounds less than its predecessor. This improved power-to-weight ratio will help lessen probable accidents and mishaps during intense acceleration times. It is also equipped with a suite of performance technologies that includes Performance Traction Management, electronic Limited Slip Differential, and Magnetic Ride Suspension.

The Camaro team spend a lot of time formulating the ZL1’s chassis system. Almost all of its predecessor’s best components are present in the ZL1, from magnetorheological dampers to an electronically controlled differential to GM’s outstanding Performance Traction Management system.

With the unrivaled new 10-speed automatic transmission installed on the Camaro ZL1, owners are guaranteed to experience exceptional results and performance. It carries out almost rapid, lightning-fast shifts that will truly amaze you as it has never been seen on other high-performance vehicles. By choosing ZL1, be prepared to brace yourself for one hell of a ride.