Should People Worry about the Cancerous Effects of Mobile Phones?

90% of Americans own a cellphone. With the increasing popularity of this innovative communication solution, there are several risks medical practitioners look at. One of the studies being conducted today is how this tiny mobile unit can increase chances of cancer.

A recent rodent research was led by medical professionals from the National Institute of Environmental Health Science. Hundreds of mice were grouped into two. The first group has undergone radiation exposure which lasted 6 hours a day for two years, while the other group was left unexposed. Based on the findings, about 2-3% of the male mice and 1% of female mice developed brain tumors; 2-7% of male mice and 2% of female developed heart tumor. The unexposed mice didn’t develop any form of cancer.

John R. Bucher, associate director of the National Toxicology Program and one of the researchers stated “Our report outlines small increases in tumors of male rats.” Their research procedure results were the same as what other researches have recorded, “much work remains to be done to understand the implications of these findings, if any, for the rapidly changing use of cell phone technology today,” he added.

The amount of radiation was increased to anticipate the continuously increasing number of individuals with cellular phones. Study says that people also stay long hours using their mobile, therefore, increasing chances of different types of cancer.

It is still unclear why the majority of cases involve men.

The study did not strengthen proofs that could link cancer and mobile phone usage. In fact, it has raised more questions compared to answers, according to Salvatore Insinga, a neurosurgeon at Northwell Health’s Neuroscience Institute in Manhasset, New York.

According to Insinga, there is yet no proven data that could support the claim. Many researchers have stopped their study as cellphones are non-ionizing and the energy these produce are not enough to damage a person’s DNA. On the other hand, what is really cancerous are ionizing products which include X-ray and CT scan.