Bose QC35 Headphones Are Making Noise in Tech Scene

The Bose QC35 Headphones: Bringing Tranquility in a Chaotic World

Bose headphones split opinion like knife through cake. The brand has its fair share of aficionados, but it also seems to attract fits of fury in equal measure, and none more so than from the audiophile community who have made it the poster child of headphone ire.

The thing is though, people will always be entitled to their opinion, and we shouldn’t let the debate distract us from getting closer to the music, or drowning out the chatter from the outside world. Because that’s what Bose does best – quietening the noise. There is a reason their offerings are well received by consumers across the board, you know.

Speaking of noise…

The Bose Quiet Comfort series has been synonymous with noise-cancelling capability since its inception in 2000, and doing a darn good job of it. Many years and several iterations later, Bose finally unleashed the Bose QC35 edition this year. This pair is a pretty big deal because the company has finally gone wireless with it, a word that has not appeared quite often in the same sentence with Bose headphones (at least in constructive speak).

More than just Wireless

Think of the latest Quiet Comforts as a wireless version of the QC25, albeit 113 grams heavier (but still light on the wear), and with a wider headband that makes for a snugger fit. This means you can don them for long stretches without any discomfort at all, a fact accentuated the more by the cushy ear caps.

But with wireless always comes the issue of battery life. The Quiet Comfort 35s score big on this aspect though, achieving a commendable 20 hours on a single charge. Of course, you always have the option to use the headphones with a wired connection when your juice runs out – should it ever get to that.

The audio quality has made for some heavy bashing by the critics. To the ordinary consumer though, it is nothing short of spectacular, a laudable effort on Bose’s first stab in the wireless category.

The Catch

Two features make the Bose Quiet Comfort 35s stand out: the wireless and noise cancellation features.

But while the company has trailed the competition on the wireless aspect, the noise cancellation feature alone means no other headphone on the market can dine on the same table with the QC35s. Especially bearing in mind it doesn’t interfere with the audio quality.

This is courtesy of its progressive mic-reliant technology which monitors any incoming sounds and ensures the noise is drowned out way before it reaches your eardrum. It allows a cloud of quiet to descend over you, as you turn the rest of the world off with none of those sharp sounds that noise cancellation struggles to repress. On this front, no headphone currently on the market can touch the Bose QC35s.

Couple this with the plush ear and headband Alcantara cushioning (yes, the kind used in yachts and high-end cars) and you have one of the snuggest headphones $349 can get you, with the option of Black or Silver.


The Bose QC35 headphones have their shortcomings, most notable being the lack of a 3.5mm socket (in its place a 2.5mm), and lack of dedicated track skip buttons.

But these are small irritations easily muffled by the quality sound, remarkable battery life, comfort, Bluetooth and additional features like NFC and a decent management app.

And of course, the noise cancellation and isolation, which makes them the best headphones for anyone looking for some bit of peace and quiet in their life, albeit temporarily.