Microsoft Surface 5 Launch Update

After almost a year since the release of the immensely popular Microsoft Surface Pro 4, rumors are doing the rounds regarding the launch of its next version – Microsoft Surface Pro 5.  The initial plan from Microsoft was to launch Surface Pro 5 in June 2016, which was pushed back to early 2017. But the latest reports indicating the release of a surface device in the fall of 2016, has fueled speculations regarding the release of Surface Pro 5.

Surface Pro 5: Features

According to tech enthusiasts, following are the features and specifications anticipated for Microsoft Surface Pro 5:
Processor: Surface Pro 5 will be built with Intel’s 14-nanomete Kaby Lake processor. This seventh-generation processor from Intel is planned to be launched in the last quarter of 2016.

  • Kaby Lake processors are believed to be 12% better than the current skylake processors on which the Surface Pro 4 runs on.
  • Kaby Lake processors are also supposed to prolong battery life.

Display: The new generation of Surface Pro would come with a 2k display as well as a 4k Ultra HD display with 3840 × 2160 pixels resolution.

Surface Pen: Improvements are expected in the front of the stylus as well. The current Surface Pro 4 is available with an AAAA battery-powered stylus. It is expected to be replaced by a new Surface Pen that has a rechargeable battery and wireless charging. A new magnetic component would also be available, which would help the pen attach easily to the Surface Pro 5 device.

USB Port, RAM: A 16 GB RAM would be available in the new Surface Pro 5’s higher variants, and a brand new USB-C port would be made available as well.

Operating System: Surface Pro 5 is expected to run on Redstone 2 (RS2), the code name given for Windows 10 after its second big update.

Release date and Pricing

Microsoft has been keeping quiet regarding the release date and specifications of Surface Pro 5. But rumor mills are firing up with speculations that Surface Pro 5’s release would be in October 2016. This was further intensified when a 50-hour long flash sale of Surface Pro 4 happened, with a price cut of $280 which ended on August 20th.

But experts are of the opinion that Microsoft may decide to push back the release of Surface Pro 5 in Spring 2017 due to two reasons. First, the Redstone 2 (OS of Microsoft Surface Pro 5) is expected to be unleashed only around the first quarter of 2017. Secondly, the Surface Pro 4 sales are still doing really well and show no signs of slowing down yet. Microsoft obviously wishes to capitalize on the sales of Surface Pro 4 as much as possible.

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to be priced at $899 for starting variant and can go up to $1599 for the high-end ones.

Surface Membership Program

In order to lure in both small and large businesses, Microsoft has also launched a Surface Membership Program recently. The subscribers of this program would be given a surface device on a monthly payment plan. Any upgrades, as well as support, would be provided for free under this scheme.

The bottom-line

The only solid lead available till now is the possible release of a surface device in October 2016. It could be Microsoft Surface pro 5, Surface 4, Surface all-in-one, or even Surface book 2. With no confirmed reports in sight, it really is anyone’s guess right now. Meanwhile, the anticipation pertaining to its release is quietly building, and the wait (hopefully, a short one!) is on.