Philips Hue Now Available with light motion sensor

Philips Hue has been arguably one of the most popular smart bulb systems available in the market for some time now. The recent addition of a new accessory – motion sensor, to the Hue lineup has given its loyalists further reasons to cheer. Here is a quick rundown of its features and functionality.

The latest Philips Hue starter kit is of the second generation. It comes with two A19 white LED bulbs, wireless bridge, ethernet cable, and power adapter. The bridge has the capability to connect to a maximum of 50 lights at the same time. The power adapter has a 2A output when compared to the 800ma of the previous version.

Light Motion Sensor

The newly debuted light motion sensor of Philips Hue is designed to automatically sense movement and turn on the lights accordingly. The sensor can be set anywhere in your home as is wireless. The viewing angle of the sensor is adjustable up to 30 degrees horizontally as well as vertically, as the device has a magnetic back. So, the sensor can be placed anywhere at home – from ceiling to the walls, or even the side tables.
Powered using two AAA batteries, it turns on the Hue lights whenever someone walks in front of the sensor. According to the company representatives, the sensor works for two to three years with the two AAA batteries.
The Philips Hue app can be used for personalizing which light to turn on when a specific motion sensor detects movement, as well as choose how long to retain the light after movements have ceased.

The motion sensor also has the ability to detect if it is day or night. This is done by configuring the daylight threshold, as well as by setting definite scenes for night and day. The daylight sensor can also turn on or off the lights depending on the time of the day.

Due to the quick reaction time of the sensor, it can adjust the lights within 0.5 seconds of its activation. A single bridge can connect up to 12 motion sensors, making it an easy task to create an automatic home lighting system. The sensors are capable of detecting movement up to 16.5 feet away. This distance can also be customized and decreased as required. There are also some good additions like dimming of lights before turning off, which help in giving an early warning. If needed, the user can trigger the sensors by moving again.

The only drawback is that there is no limits set for the motion sensitivity. This means that the lights would be triggered by any movement – even your pet’s. Philips have said that these limits would be made available in the subsequent releases.

Other Features of Philips Hue

While waiting for the release of the new light motion sensors in last half of 2016, here is a list of features of latest Philips Hue.

Bulbs: The bulbs provides a vibrant illumination with minimal energy consumption. The light is dimmable and has a maximum luminous flux of 800 lumens, which is 200 lumens more than the previous generation. The only drawback is that the bulbs run hotter when compared to the earlier version.

Bridge: The Bridge basically links the Philips Hue lights to the smart devices. The latest bridge facilitates the connection of up to 50 accessories and hue lights at the same time. It also provides a worldwide connectivity to your system when linked to the Wi-Fi via the router. The shape of the bridge has been modified from the earlier round shape to the new square shape.

Ease of Installation: Philips Hue kit easily installs into the existing E26/A19 light fitting and is compatible with third party bulbs as well.

Ability to Control Remotely: Philips Hue can be controlled remotely from your smart device. The lights can be effortlessly controlled using the online interface. It can also be controlled using voice commands through Alexa software of Amazon, or through Siri from Apple. The lighting schedule can also be personalized using alarms, timers, geofencing, as well as soft security. It is also compatible with other home automation products like Nest thermostat, Wink, and Zigbee certified products.

The light motion sensor feature was really a much-needed addition to the Hue lights. Priced at $39.95, these brand new sensors would be made available in Amazon, Hue website, and Bestbuy from October 2016. Along with the new motion sensors, Philips Hue would also be introducing richer blue and green color bulbs having better color spectrums. This is in addition to the hue white ambiance bulbs, which provides different shades of the white color light. Until then, enjoy the unique incandescence of LED lights from Philips Hue!