Will Netflix Soon Introduce an Offline Mode?

Netflix has let it be known it is currently working on a new feature that could allow you to watch movies even if you are not connected to the internet.

Now, if this sounds like the best Netflix feature of all time, don’t start the celebration just yet:  if you live in the United States you may not be among the first to receive the update.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explains that in the face of consistent expansion, an “offline mode” could more widely appeal to customers who live in areas where high internet speeds are mostly absent.

Sarandos attests, “We have talked a lot about this over the years and our belief is that broadband and Wi-Fi become more and more ubiquitous, available in more and more places that you are, more and more minutes of the day.”

He also goes on to say, “Now as we’ve launched in more territories … They all have different levels of broadband speeds and Wi-Fi access. So in those countries they have adapted their behaviors to be much more of a downloading culture. So in those emerging territories it starts to become a little more interesting. We still think for the developed world our thesis has been true but I think as we get into more and more (of the) undeveloped world and developing countries that we want to find alternatives for people to use Netflix easily.”

Of course, this is all still mostly in theory.  Sarandos gives no details other than that the company is simply looking at the possibility, for now.

Indeed, the company should probably continue to actively focus on their expansion efforts. Earlier this year, the streaming content provider launched in 130 new countries—which now brings their global service to a total of 190 unique territories.  In the last quarter alone Netflix has added 3.2 million new international subscribers and, of course, they continue to seek openings in regions outside of its home market to drive future growth.  The company also forecasts spending of $6 billion on content by the end of this year across 1,000 hours of new original Netflix-native productions.

This is not the first time Netflix has considered offline viewing. However, Amazon Prime video does already offer it, so perhaps this is the right time for Netflix to revisit the idea.