Poor Posture among Students: How to Deal with this while in College

Every student has repeatedly heard that keeping good posture is imperative. Good posture aids in reducing stress levels and also eliminate fatigue.  Despite the thorough understanding of the importance of maintaining good posture, students continuously maintain bad posture, and this has turned to be significantly detrimental to their health.

How Poor Posture is Detrimental to the Health of Students

Poor posture is bad for students’ health because it causes a change in the spinal curve. The spine has a particular curve to its shape, however, when one continuously stand and sit in poor posture the spine is put under pressure and ends up curving itself. Curving of the spine causes discomfort and pain. Moreover, it prevents the ability of the spine to absorb shock or maintain a suitable balance naturally. Poor posture is also bad for students’ health because it causes digestive problems. Poor posture compresses the digestive organs and ends up making them unable to function as they supposed to. The compression of the body organs lead to the slowing down of the digestive process and also result in the impairment of the body’s ability to consume and process food. Students may ultimately find themselves with life-altering metabolic problems.

Poor posture also causes back pain and neck pain consequently affecting the health of students negatively. Most of the students who maintain bad posture while doing the many assignments they are obliged to do experience neck and back pain but most of them are oblivious of what could be the cause of the pain. However, the pain can only be traced back to poor posture.  In most cases, students sit in a slouched position for an extended period putting high stress on the upper body mainly because their chairs do not offer sufficient support. Consequently, the students ultimately end up experiencing pain on their backs and necks because of the great pressure exerted on those parts. Lastly, poor posture is bad for students’ health because it causes tensions headaches. The pressure or strain put on the neck and the back due to poor posture work its way up to the head causing the tension headaches. The tensions headaches caused by maintenance of poor posture ends up affecting the performance of the students negatively.

Ways of Enhancing Good Posture

To mitigate the negative impact posed by poor posture on the health of students, it is imperative for students to follow various steps that could aid in eliminating poor posture. The first step that could help in promoting good posture includes sitting up straight all the time. The students can sit up straight by ensuring that they employ ergonomically designed chairs that render them with adequate support. Moreover, they can sit up straight by making sure that they align their backs with the back of the chairs they sit on during their lessons. Aligning their backs in this manner will help them avoid slouching or leaning forward that lead to poor posture. Taking standing breaks can also aid in promoting a good posture. Students should ensure that after spending some time while seated, they take breaks so that they can stand up, stretch, or walk around. They should know their bodies were not designed to stay all day as prolonged sitting increase fatigue and cause poor posture. Taking breaks and engaging in stretching and strengthening exercises aid in loosening up the tightened muscles and this help in enhancing posture.

Sleeping soundly can also be an effective way of promoting good posture.  Sleeping on firmer mattresses makes one have a good sleep. Students should ensure they employ firmer mattresses as they provide better support to the body while sleeping. Sleeping on the type of bed that you sink into for days damages the posture of an individual and also increases the possibility of feeling fatigued the next morning. Sleeping on firmer mattresses enhance the posture of an individual and make one feel very relaxed and energetic to perform day-to-day activities. Consequently, students should ensure that they skip out on mattresses that are not firm if they want to have a better posture. Apart from the use of firmer mattresses, the use of a pillow to offer support and alignment for the head and the shoulders can also be an effective way of enhancing posture.  

Checking oneself throughout the day can also aid in promoting a good posture. Students should ensure that they take time to look at themselves in the mirror so that they can establish if they have maintained a good posture or not. The regular check up will help the students to take up all the corrective actions that could aid in enhancing their postures. Moreover, having dozens of assignments that students are obliged to do can also negatively influence their posture. To complete their urgent assignments before the deadline, students often need to work for long hours at night. In this case, using custom writing services which can help in writing your essay can help avoid damaging both back and eyes. Lastly, aligning everything properly at the desk can also help students to strengthen and improve their posture.

Wrapping it Up

It is therefore conclusive to say that poor posture affects the health of students negatively. It is imperative for students to develop ways that could aid in enhancing their posture so that they eliminate the negative impact poor posture can have on their health. Eliminating poor posture also means that the students will not experience fatigue and therefore they can be able to study effectively.