Can the Risk of Investing in Projects Related to ICO, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain Technologies Be Reduced?

The most painful questions of crypto investors are probably some of the following: “How not to lose money when investing in ICO and cryptocurrencies?” and “How to determine that this particular ICO is not a scam”?

Training and Seminars

Many seminars are devoted to giving answers to those questions. They are held at various venues and in different states. However, if you want to get information from the comfort of your home or office, consider blockchain online course that you can choose among variety of available propositions. In the framework of such or similar courses and events, experts talk about a comprehensive investment evaluation of ICO projects, taking into account the state and prospects of the market development, the attendant risks, and alternatives.

Seminar programs focused on ICO perspectives and risks usually provide the full disclosure of the following components:

  1. Market: state and development prospects
  2. Risks: evaluation of the attractiveness of ICO projects
  3. Estimation: a comprehensive investment evaluation of ICO projects

During such seminars you can learn:

  • What is ICO and what it is for – the first steps of a crypto investor-beginner.
  • How not to be lost in the sea of ​​scam: the viability of the idea of ​​projects is evaluated.
  • How to assess ICO’s profitability and investment risks: the profitability of personal investments is predicted in order not to lose money.

Insurance Technologies in Cryptoeconomics

Financial technologies are experiencing huge growth due to the development of the blockchain technologies. It’s not a surprise since the financial markets are mostly ready for the implementation of innovations in the blockchain. Nowadays, lots of contemporary contracts for the sale and purchase of securities are being codified, transferred to the smart contracts, and their implementation is fully automated.

That is why the insurance technologies in the field of cryptoeconomics are also gradually gaining popularity, as our reality is full of probabilities. The projects that aim at the creation of codified insurance opportunities for the crypto industry are becoming especially needed. The collapse of crypto business has happened not once, and not even twice by today, due to flaws in the code, hacking, and human negligence. All those factors restrain the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they discourage new participants from applying the technology.

The experts say that the smart contracts, while being widely spread, will stimulate the growth in revenues from the insurance technologies. Already huge and still growing market of cryptocurrencies will also be a good ground for their development, as it needs transactions, bills, and protection against exchange rate fluctuations to be insured. The insurance industry is moving steadily into cryptoeconomics, since it needs protection from risks as any other field, or even more.

What Will the Blockchain Insurance Look Like?

Three types of insurance opportunities are possible if to view the corporate interactions in the world of cryptocurrencies from the financial and legal point of view:

  • insurance of crypto assets in deposit accounts;
  • transaction insurance;
  • hedging of risks.

Also, if to think about the cryptoeconomics of the future, the holders of cryptocurrencies should be able to protect their investments without having a desire to change them back for their countries’ or unified currencies. Financial instruments, such as options and futures, will help to stabilize the exchange rates as well as provide the opportunity to hedge risks.