Ara Chackerian: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Forestry Expert and Investor

Ara Chackerian is one of a number of forestry visionaries who emphasizes the value of protecting the world’s wilderness areas. These areas are valuable for a variety of reasons, including artistic inspiration, recreation, resources and athletics. Clients and partners who have worked with Ara Chackerian have been provided with important techniques and tools that can be used to successfully harvest nature’s resources from these areas without harming them. Harvesting such resources while also working towards preserving wilderness areas at the same time is an important goal for forestry experts. 

It is hard to think of another resource on this planet that is more precious than Earth’s wilderness areas. Therefore, it is vital to our planet that we take care of these areas and preserve natural resources for the future. It is important to carefully curate both the trees in these areas and the different wildlife populations that wilderness areas are home to. If the planet’s natural resources are preserved properly, then they will still be around and valuable for the generations who will live after us. 

There are certain variables to take into account when thinking about wilderness management, however. Damaging storms, fires and droughts are all examples of natural threats to forests. Careful use of various forestry techniques can be implemented to create a unique plan for the resource management of these areas. It is important to create a unique plan due to the fact that it is impossible to find to wilderness areas that are exactly alike. 

There are many forestry professionals throughout the world, along with Ara Chackerian, who continue to work towards the goal of preserving forested areas by harvesting revenue and resources from such areas without damaging the forests. While Mr. Chackerian has been quite heavily involved in the forestry world, he has also achieved a large amount of success and notoriety in some other areas, and he has a diverse range of passions. 

In addition to his influence as a forestry expert, Mr. Chackerian has also made a name for himself through his efforts in entrepreneurship, philanthropy and investing. His marketing degree is from Florida State University, and he serves an important role at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. There, he is the company’s Managing Director. He has been investing in healthcare companies for multiple decades at this point. He invests in promising healthcare companies that are still in the early stages of their development, which he believes can make a large impact on the healthcare system in the United States. 

Additionally, Mr. Chackerian has also been committed to philanthropy for quite some time. During the past several years, the Chackerians have given their support to many different non-profit organizations. The focus of these non-profits is education and youth development. Currently, they have worked in communities in the United States, Armenia and Nicaragua.