EU and we agree terms for limited trade talks

The European Union approved to negotiating a new trade agreement with the United States, its terms, but set up a potential show-down using Washington by pretending to include goods.

Making public that the mandate because of the EU commission to conduct negotiations on their behalf, the member countries of the bloc said that the new price will concentrate on removing tariffs on products.

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said the commission wishes to wrap the discussions up within six months, which she would contact her U.S. counterpart Robert Lighthizer afterwards Monday to operate out when formal negotiations might begin.

“We are now ready to proceed into another phase of EU-U.S. relations,” Malmstrom told reporters in Brussels. “If we agree to start, I think that it can go quite quickly. There are sensitivities, absolutely, but we could manage this very fast.” The commission’s term in office expires at the end of October.

Trump levied tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent. He said the movement was to shield U.S. federal security interests, however, the Europeans claim it’s simply protectionism and breaks global trade rules.

Trump has held the danger of slapping automobile tariffs on cars out should the trade talks fail to progress. Malmstrom has warned if he’s doing that any trade discussions will break off.

Asked whether U.S. Congress would take any deal that does not involve agriculture, Malmstrom explained:”This is restricted, but nevertheless meaningful, win-win negotiations that we’re offering and that was agreed between the two presidents.”

Before Trump came to office, the Europeans had been trying for three years to conclude a more Trade and Investment Pact with the United States.

Spark growth, the pact was meant to raise trade barriers between the planet’s biggest trading partners and create projects. Malmstrom underlined that the terms of that draft arrangement are obsolete and that TTIP, because it is known, is now officially”in the freezer”