Formula Systems (1985) (NASDAQ:FORTY) Downgraded by ValuEngine

ValuEngine cut shares of Formula Systems (1985) (NASDAQ:FORTY) from a hold rating to a sell rating in a report released on Friday, ValuEngine reports.

Shares of Formula Systems (1985) stock opened at $82.38 on Friday. Formula Systems has a one year low of $36.75 and a one year high of $91.89. The company has a market cap of $1.26 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 32.05 and a beta of 1.15. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.48, a quick ratio of 1.43 and a current ratio of 1.44. The business’s 50 day moving average price is $78.55 and its 200 day moving average price is $67.65.

Formula Systems (1985) (NASDAQ:FORTY) last posted its quarterly earnings data on Thursday, May 28th. The technology company reported $0.71 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter. The firm had revenue of $466.27 million for the quarter. Formula Systems (1985) had a return on equity of 4.52% and a net margin of 2.24%.

Large investors have recently added to or reduced their stakes in the company. TFG Advisers LLC raised its holdings in Formula Systems (1985) by 6.7% during the first quarter. TFG Advisers LLC now owns 4,882 shares of the technology company’s stock worth $261,000 after purchasing an additional 305 shares in the last quarter. Jane Street Group LLC bought a new position in Formula Systems (1985) during the fourth quarter valued at about $292,000. Finally, GHP Investment Advisors Inc. grew its position in Formula Systems (1985) by 27.5% during the fourth quarter. GHP Investment Advisors Inc. now owns 6,961 shares of the technology company’s stock valued at $467,000 after buying an additional 1,501 shares during the period. 0.17% of the stock is owned by institutional investors and hedge funds.

Formula Systems (1985) Company Profile

Formula Systems (1985) Ltd., through its subsidiaries, provides software, proprietary and non-proprietary software, and software product marketing and support services. The company offers computer and telecommunication infrastructure solutions; computer solutions to computer and communications infrastructures; cloud computing solutions; database and big data services; customer relations management, computer systems management infrastructures, Web world content management, database and data warehouse mining, application integration, database and systems, data management, and software development tools; and professional training courses and advanced professional studies.

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To view ValuEngine’s full report, visit ValuEngine’s official website.

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