Taco Bell Plans Massive Expansion by 2022

tacobellDuring a time when it seems that most companies are closing their doors—even Wal-Mart is shutting down some stores—Taco Bell is planning a massive expansion. As a matter of fact, the fast food company has shared plans to more than double its number of locations in the United States within the next six years.

Yes, Taco Bell plans to add at least 9,000 new stores to its existing 7,000 across the United States; and they plan to do it by the end of 2022.

“Our planned growth over the next six years is going to help us reach $15 billion in global system sales by 2022,” explains Brian Niccol, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Taco Bell. “With that comes the need to attract and retain top talent so that we’re continuing to deliver the best customer experience possible.”

The subsidiary of the Louisville-based Yum brands launched, earlier this month, a strategy it calls “Start with Us, Stay with Us.” This is a platform—and corporate mentality—aimed at setting Taco Bell apart from the rest of the fast food industry; in a category set to encourage employees to leverage the company’s career-building and education programs. These programs are available to all employees, regardless of how long they have been with the company or how long they plan to stay.

Accordingly, Taco Bell Chief People Officer Frank Tucker comments, “We understand that Taco Bell is a first job for a lot of people. Whether they want to start with us for a year or stay with us for life, we feel it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re offering benefits and programs that create innovators and leaders for our communities inside and out of our restaurants.”

The company notes that current and future employees can set real professional goals—and, more importantly, establish the steps it will take to get there—whether that is to start at Taco Bell and move on or to manage a store.

Tucker goes on to say, “As a business that’s fueled by the energy and passion of people serving people, our team members are our front line and biggest brand ambassadors. It’s often a job that kickstarts someone’s career and future success, so we’re excited to team up with Roadtrip Nation to inspire and show our team members how these invaluable skills can get them to their highest aspirations in life.”