How High Can We Build?

It is no doubt that in modern era, there are tall buildings which scale high in the sky. With the rise of technology and architecture, designers of these structures have found materials that are able to withstand the pressure, force and mass and support such tall buildings. Buildings and structures have evolved for thousands of years in terms of how they go up in the sky. The earliest known tallest structures built by man are the pyramids of Giza in Egypt at 147m. This was way back in 2580 BC. The great pyramids held the position of the tallest buildings for about 4,000 years before a taller one could be built.

In 1311 year a construction of 160m high cathedral began, it was Lincoln cathedral in England. It was then that many churches were built which kept on breaking the record of the pyramids of Giza at that point in time. These architectural designs were showcased as they set up tall structures that graced the sky. After a few centuries, this record would be broken, by a tower. There is a huge difference between a building and a tower. A building is a structure where at least 50% of its height comes from floor plates, which is habitable by human beings. If it is less than 50%, then it becomes a tower.

In the late 1800, the Eiffel Tower was built, and it stood 300m high, breaking the record for the tallest structure built by man. Then there came the Chrysler building in New York whose height is 319m, the Empire state building, 381m, and the World Trade Center, 541m like that. The record would then again be broken by the TV and radio towers built in 1950s. Of course, not as easy as getting all the top and reputable UK casinos 2018 with great welcome and multiple games. Play the best casino games with no download or registration required.

In 1974, Warsaw radio mast in Poland, which stood at 646m, became the tallest structure until in 1991, when it snapped in the middle and came down. This made the KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota the new tallest structure with the height of 629m. However in the early 2000, buildings again became the tallest structures built by man when the Burj Khalifa in the Middle East was built. It is located in Dubai and stands at the height of 830m, which also serves as a tourist attraction to date.

So, how high can we build? According to scientists, humans can build structures which are taller than Mount Everest, 8,848m and beyond, to the space. However, there are no known materials that can withstand the mass and weight of building such a tall structure. If there were, there would be nothing stopping man from building a space elevator which stands at over 35,000m high. This is because, once the height of the building gets to space, there would be an upward and downward force exerted on the building and thus it would remain stable.