Online Casino Popularity Continues to Soar Even For Beginners

The online gambling industry has a lot to offer gamers regarding entertainment. Even with so much to provide, this business has to keep its enthusiasts enticed to bring in new clientele and keep the old ones bringing back their business. To keep up the morale, bonuses and promotions are used. This has been the practice in numerous industries, and the gaming business has picked it up quite well. The bonus and promo practice predates the online gaming platform; brick and mortar casinos were known to offer rewards in the form of free food, drinks, and accommodation, which is still done to date. However, with online gaming existing on a virtual platform, the rewards were converted to gaming offers such as cash and freebies.

Casinos try to make their bonuses as lucrative as possible to outdo their competition. The same is applied by online gaming software developers to market their games. The NetEnt bonus has been used for this purpose in most Net Entertainment casinos, which has sent the popularity of the firm’s games soaring through the roof. With the wide array of bonuses and promos offered by gaming destinations, it can be quite confusing for beginners. In this review, we will survey the various types of bonuses offered by gaming sites as well as what to pay attention to when using them.

Casino Bonuses

There are hundreds of bonus types offered by online gambling destinations, with some being specific to a particular site. However, there are a selected few that are common to nearly every site. Some of these offers include:

  • No Deposit Bonus

Also known as the sign-up bonus, this offer is made to the gamer once they register with a casino before making any real money deposit. In most cases, the offer comes in the form of free spins that can be accompanied by a small amount of cash. Some sign-up bonuses are limited for use in a specific slot or those by a particular provider, especially if the software developer is making the offer. A few free chips can also be thrown into the mix to be used in table game wagers.

The welcome bonus requires a financial commitment to be triggered, so it is offered after the first deposit is made to the casino account. The offer is also labeled the deposit bonus. Most gaming sites present it as a match promotion, which gives the gamer a certain percentage of the amount they deposited. For instance, if a casino has a welcome bonus of two hundred percent, a gamer’s deposit of two hundred dollars will be met with four hundred additional dollars; this leaves the gamer with six hundred dollars to gamble with. Gambling sites will give a limit as to how high the match promotion can go. For example, a match promotion of two hundred percent of up to one thousand dollars limits the highest deposit that can be met with a two hundred percent match to five hundred dollars.

Some casinos, on the other hand, offer the welcome bonus in the form of a fixed amount. This offer is not affected by the amount of money deposited. In both cases, some destinations have been known to spread out the amount into various deposits that can go as far as the fourth deposit. This ensures that the gamer is enticed to keep engaging the casino in their business. Free spins are mostly included in this bonus.

  • Reload bonus

The reload bonus is quite similar to the welcome bonus. However, unlike the latter that is limited to only first-time gamers, the reload bonus is for existing clientele. Like the deposit bonus, it is mostly offered as a match promotion that provides a certain percentage of the deposit made. However, it is not made as big as the welcome bonus. Even so, this shortcoming is compensated by the fact that it is often offered in most sites. Still, some casinos can give it is a fixed amount, while others make it a freebie affair. The offer can be labeled a daily, weekly, or monthly bonus offer.

  • Loyalty points

As is the case with most businesses, most casinos have developed a system to reward gamers that are regular visitors. Loyalty points are offered when a gamer deposits or places wagers that add up to a specific amount. A fine example is that of Play’N Go comp points that reward every ten dollars spent with one point. These points can be used to move up the VIP scheme, where players at the top of this ladder receive exclusive offers. They can also be exchanged for cash, freebies, or free play.

  • Cashback bonus

When it comes to gaming, one can either win or lose without prediction. When one faces a losing streak, some casinos have input a system that avoids one from going home empty-handed. Cashbacks are a certain percentage of the amount a player loses when they face tough luck. This bonus encourages them to come back and play regardless of their losses.

As suggested by the name, this offer is made when one brings in a new client to the casino. Most casinos provide the gamer with a link that is tied to their account, which their referral has to use when registering with the site. It is offered as a fixed cash amount or freebies in most cases.

The casino bonuses found online is not limited to this list, and some sites will come with even more. Therefore, it is best to look out for one that comes with the best offers. Gamers are advised to always read through the wagering terms presented with each proposal to ensure that they are up for claiming the reward.