Gambling Laws Around the World Getting Tougher?

Betting has become such a craze for people all over the world. Unfortunately, not all countries have made it legal to participate in this sporting activity. This could be because the governments of such countries want their citizens to focus on other things other than gambling. Here is a breakdown of gambling and the laws stipulated about it around the globe.

1. Europe

One would think that all the nations in this continent allow staking activities, but they do not. In places like Spain and Germany, the laws are clear that people should not participate in online betting unless advised otherwise. However, members are still able to access these sites and wager in them regardless of this rule.

France, UK, and Italy are more liberal when it comes to such matters. Both land and online casinos are permitted to operate within these nations’ premises. However, the tax laws provided by some of these countries like the UK make it difficult for external sites to offer their services to UK citizens. Even so, the UK as its own online entities such as British Casino that citizens can bet on.

2. Africa

People in Africa enjoy a whole lot of things. Fortunately, gambling is one of them. This situation though is not evenly spread across the continent. Due to diversification, there are a few nations that make it a hassle for people to bet. For example, Sudanese are not allowed to participate in any form of wagering. This is mainly because of the religious beliefs they hold. Anyone who is found doing so will face the harsh punishment set aside for breaking this rule. So, if you value yourself, keep off betting when you visit this place.

However, other places have made this activity legal. These are:

  • Kenya,
  • South Africa,
  • Benin,
  • Senegal,
  • Morocco,
  • Nigeria, and
  • Ghana.

These nations have made both online and land-based staking legal.

3. Asia

You may be surprised to discover that gambling in most parts of this continent is not permitted. Even when it is allowed, only a few establishments can hold the event. The money attained from betting is used to fund charitable activities, so really the affair is not as exciting as people would want it to be. Nevertheless, some institutions provide illegal gambling. People can play as many games as they would like but the fun might be cut short once the governments of these nations begin a crackdown aimed at finding wagering dens. Countries like South Korea have banned this activity altogether. Unlike other nations where the penalty is imposed on the wagering sites, here each individual pays the price of going against the law. Also, Islamic states in Asia do not allow any form of wagering.

The other countries that avail this sport in Asia: go overboard. Macau, for example, is a small country whose primary economic activity is betting. This gives gamers an opportunity to engage in lottery activities as frequent as they want. 

4. Australia

Just like other territories, Australia has rules that regulate how members participate in staking affairs. The country gives its members the liberty to stake in any casino based within the state. This option is only viable for land casinos. As of 2001, the Australian laws made it illegal for its people to wager in web casinos. They imposed penalties on anyone who would be found offering this service to any person from this continent. Sadly, this move has not born significant fruits since the punishment is inflicted on online casino entities.  Australian citizens chose to seek the help of offshore online casinos. In 2016, the law was revised, and a few amendments were made as follows:

  1. iGaming is banned except for virtual sports betting.
  2. Offshore casinos have to acquire three licenses from OZ before they can legally provide wagering services to Australians.
  3. Ads for gambling activities are forbidden during sports events.
  4. Punters cannot wager during an ongoing game.

5. North America

The USA is one of the places with the most open gambling rules. Players from this continent can play in land-based casinos if they so wish. Places like Las Vegas have fully fledged staking establishments that people from all over the globe travel to see. However, online gambling is not easy to access. A few years back, the US government passed laws that made it illegal to make particular transactions.

This law was aimed at crippling the online wagering scene within the region. As much as wagering online is not prohibited, members should tread carefully here since sending or receiving money from a betting site is illegal. This alone could land you several months in jail if you are found guilty.

6. South America

You can engage in gaming activities for leisure or real money in this place. Traditional casinos have been modernized to make the encounter better for wager fanatics. Even better, online gaming is allowed, and players based in the region can play online or on their phones. Restrictions are not made as such, and this is why places like Columbia bring a networth income of up to 2 billion dollars per year.

There are several forms of betting activities that players can participate in. The only thing that may restrict one from doing so is the law. If the restrictions imposed are tight, and carry substantial penalties, there is no need to bet. However, if you want to enjoy staking, find a way around these same laws and participate in the games.