Ten young American entrepreneurs who are shaking up their industries

The entrepreneurs in this list are bringing new ideas to the table, based on the world they grew up in and the rapid advance of technology. They are all under the age of 30 and all have one thing in common – they are making waves in their respective industries.

Kesha Lee: Sound engineer extraordinaire – age 29

The music industry, behind the scenes, is absolutely dominated by men – so Kesha’s success as a sound engineer is certainly shaking things up. She has engineered for the likes of Young Thug, Gucci Mane and Pharrell Williams.

Mark Fischbach: YouTuber and philanthropist – age 28

More popularly known by his YouTube handle “Markiplier”, Fischbach is a YouTuber with 18 million subscribers and combined video views of over 8 billion. His staple videos are ones where he films himself playing different video games and reacting to them, but he also does animated shorts and comedy videos. Based on those stats, there must be a big demand for this.

Daisy Jing: YouTuber and founder of Banish – age 29

Struggling with acne while growing up, Daisy became an expert in skin care and treating skin problems. She founded Banish in 2014 as a supplier of organic alternatives to the harsh skin treatments that she was prescribed growing up. The company expects to make $3.5m in revenue in 2018. Jing also has a YouTube channel called Acne Channel, where she offers advice and help to those suffering like she did. It has over 200,000 subscribers and almost 68 million total views.

George Matus: Founder of Teal Drones – age 20

Not only is George a fresh-faced 20, but he also founded Teal Drones in 2014, when he was only 16 and still in high school. Now, Teal employs 30 staff and has raised more than $16m. The company sells drones that go at 70mph, so keep an eye out above for this young entrepreneur.

Miriam Brafman: Founder of Packlane – age 27

Packlane is a custom packaging company that has supplied over 12,000 companies, including L’Oréal, Red Bull and Netflix with custom-made packaging that shows their branding. Founded in 2015 by Brafman, this online venture lets companies get 3D previews of their designs and an instant quote.

Alex Lin: Co-founder of Hush – age 26

Hush is a shopping app that specializes in affordable makeup and skincare. Hush’s focus on data science and engineering has boosted this company into a niche where it is reporting nine-figure revenues. The app boasts a snappy UI, regular sales, a great selection of products and, best of all, free shipping.

Maryellis Bunn: Founder and creative director of Museum of Ice Cream – age 26

An avid ice cream enthusiast, Bunn is an artist and entrepreneur who opened the pop-up Museum of Ice Cream in New York in 2016. It was an experimental art installation inspired by ice cream with such attractions as a pool of multicolored sprinkles, a wall covered in ice cream cones and, of course, ice cream to sample and buy. The Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles saw Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Salma Hayek walking through its doors.

Stan Gershengoren: Founder of marketing consultancy – age 29

A first-generation American and founder of a successful marketing company, Stan Gershengoren is shaking up the industry with a focus on high-impact direct response marketing. Stan’s articles showcase his expertise in a variety of different areas of marketing.

Abbas Haider and Rob Davis: Co-founders of Aspetto – ages 27 and 28

Founded while Haider and Davis were at the University of Mary Washington, Aspetto makes comfortable and even fashionable armor. You can spend a cool $5,000 to be both protected and smart in a ballistic suit.  Customers are background-checked before they can complete a purchase. Aspetto expects revenue to exceed $2.5m in 2018.

Ayesha Curry: Chef, author and founder of Homemade – age 28

Ayesha Curry is engaged in so many different enterprises that it’s difficult to keep up. She is a successful cookbook author, founder of meal kit company Homemade, has her own kitchenware line, and has set up a barbeque restaurant chain called International Smoke. 


As you can see, there are young entrepreneurs in so many different industries. It will be fascinating to watch these professionals and their ventures develop and grow.