Catt Sadler Leaving E! Because of Pay Dispute

Catt Sadler the longtime host on the E! channel said she will leave the company because of a huge pay disparity. In a blog post Tuesday night, Sadler wrote that she wanted to remain at E! but the channel would not pay.

She added that how could we all make it better for the next generation of females if we fail to stand up for what is just and fair today.

NBCUniversal owns E!, which is an entertainment cable channel, and disputed the suggestion by Sadler that the pay gap between genders was an issue involved in this situation.

E! pays its employees appropriately and fairly based up the roles they have, regardless of what their gender is, said a spokesperson. We appreciate Sadler’s contributions while at E! News and only wish her well following the decision she made to leave.

Since 2005 Sadler has been a host for E! and is one of the best-known personalities on the channel. Earlier in 2017, she left hosting the E! News, to appear on a new program airing during the day, known as Daily Pop, although she made appearances on the flagship news program regularly.

Her decision to leave came to light Monday, and Tuesday was her last day on air. After her farewell broadcast, she made her blog post, writing there was a huge disparity in pay between her and a male co-host similarly situated.

While she did not name the male co-host, Jason Kennedy co-hosted E! News with her for years.

Sadler said she realized about the gap in wages earlier in the year. She wrote that he was not just earning a little more than she did, but was making almost double the salary she earned for the last several years.

She added that E! wanted for her to renew her contract so her representatives asked for what she knows she deserves and repeatedly were denied.

She wrote that how could she operate with integrity and remain with E! if they were not willing to pay her the same as they paid him, or close to the same.

It appears that Sadler does not have her next job waiting for her. She called the unknown scary as a single mom with two boys but she will find employment and remain an agent for change.

Disparities in pay in the broadcasting industry have come up before. Mika Brzezinski, a Morning Joe co-host on MSNBC spoke out during 2011 about how she realized Joe Scarborough earned 14 times more than she earned, though she was able to narrow that gap through negotiations.