Ways to Show Customers the Usefulness of Your Ecommerce Products

Plenty of products exist that don’t actually have a practical purpose. Maybe it’s a novelty toy that destined to be a fad; maybe it’s a trinket that looks cute and is fated to break. Whatever the case, it’s not hard to find examples of useless items that have sold like hotcakes. Conversely, truly useful items sometimes get forgotten because they’re not flashy, fun, or perfect for gifts. If your product falls into this category, how can you help them get the attention they deserve?


Here are some ways to show customers the usefulness of your ecommerce products.

  1. Show, Don’t Tell 

Remember the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words? Products that can solve household issues like spills, leaks, and drafts can be easily demonstrated. Make a video of how the product works and get testimonials from people who already have it. Provide proof of what it can do and how it can sort out the problem they have. This helps reinforce what you’re saying in your product descriotions. It’s one thing for customers to hear “this works!” from you. It’s another to hear it directly from someone like themselves.

  1. Explain How It Solves A Problem 

This kind of goes hand in hand with the tip above. Rather than going into all sorts of detail about the features of your product or service, focus your product description around the problem it solves. People usually want to know one thing and one thing only—what’s in it for me? In other words, what is this item going to do to make my life, easier, better, safer, more fun or longer? Answer this question satisfactorily and you will book a sale. Yes, it really is that easy. 

  1. Make It Easy to Tell What You’re Selling

If the site you’re using is making it hard for customers to understand what you’re selling you need to work on that. Change your approach, change the platform, change whatever you have to. Customers need to get what you’re pitching right away or they’ll just move on to another site. You have a distinct advantage, in that you can tailor the user’s experience. Before you launch your site, ask a few people to look it over. See if their focus goes where you want. If it doesn’t, rearrange elements until it does. There are lots of ways to make an ecommerce site fly, so take your time to find one that works best for you. An enterprise ecommerce platform comparison can help with the decision before you commit.

  1. Sell Upgrades to Existing Products

If there’s a product out there people already love take advantage of it. The usefulness of the product won’t be in question so all you have to do is show how your upgrade of it works. Social media can be a good way to let people know what you’ve got and what’s new. Post videos of the upgrades and how they work. Generate some buzz before it’s available. Since people will already be familiar with the initial item, the buzz might kick up faster than normal.

You would think that usefulness would sell itself but that tends to not be the case. Plus, things sometimes get billed as being practical tools when they’re little more than toys. In a consumer world saturated with infomercials and gimmicks, these ways to show customers the usefulness of your ecommerce products will help them stand out. This will win you legions of loyal customers who will appreciate what you’re doing for them. Always remember—rather than selling a product—you’re selling a solution and solutions are always in style.